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"even in another time / I will buy too many books"

"What love would smell like" (V. Press, December 2021)

“In SK Grout's debut pamphlet, romantic love between women is both sensual and spiritual. These atmospheric, compelling poems evoke a richly felt and observed sensibility, an experience to relish again and again,  ‘bright full of starwild’.”

Carrie Etter


“What love would smell like expertly zeroes in on the sensual and vibrant rhythms of the body. Porches, couches, cafés and twilit streets are reinvented as poignant sites of intimacy and want. Savouring colour, light, and the ‘sweet, blistered pleasure’ of scent, SK Grout has created an enchanting ‘poetry of simmering’.”

Natalie Linh Bolderston


What love would smell like is very beautiful and very beguiling.

One of the Poetry School's Poetry Books of the Year 2021

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V. Press Website


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"to be female is to be interrogated" (the poetry annals, May 2018)

"In “to be female is to be interrogated”, S. K. Grout speaks with a thousand mouths, and tells a thousand stories. From the tender to the fierce, the poems of this collection wind into and around the body like a memory.

Both extolling and examining, deconstructing and dreaming of the female and femininity, Grout weaves a journey with her words as intricate and elaborate as the body itself."

the poetry annals website
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