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"I pronounce my heart / an open wound that / disobeys"

About Me


I grew up in Aotearoa New Zealand, have lived in Germany and now split my time as best I can – sometimes physically, most times spiritually and/or technologically – between London and Auckland Tāmaki Makaurau. I have a passion for travel and broadening the mind but I have also been a life-long supporter and advocate for the importance of environmental care. Most of my travelling, therefore, is done with words and images; through poetry from the past, the present and the future, by reading and engaging with others from all over the world and all walks of life. 


Things that also bring me joy are indie music, hiking, Wong Kar-Wai films, cats, black filter coffee, independent bookstores, k-dramas, learning foreign languages, cricket, Islay whisky, art museums, cheese, Japanese food and being in fandoms.


My debut pamphlet with V Press is "what love would smell like" and I am the author of “to be female is to be interrogated” (the poetry annals, 2018). I hold a post-graduate degree in creative writing from City, University of London. I’m a Feedback Editor for Tinderbox Poetry Journal and was a Poetry Editor for honeyandlime Literary Journal. More of my own work can be found here.

Joseph Brodsky said, “If there’s any deity to me, it’s language.” This feels very real to me. I love poetry, I love language and words. Poetry, for me, is nearly always political, even if it is about observing the banalities of life. To express yourself is the greatest freedom, and I always wish to do this with an open heart. 


My biggest influences come from myth, fairy tale and history, but I most enjoy reinterpreting these concepts as a modern re-telling, through the lens of topics important to me: community diversity, intersectional feminism, queer love stories and the importance of environmental care. Often in my work, I talk about the fluidity of identity but this also works across space/distance (of being more than one thing at a time, or in more than one place, through memory or technology or my own identity.) Themes I tackle in my work include myth, dystopia and end of the world scenarios, separation, memory, intersectional feminism, gender and sexuality, social justice, queerness, love and loss.

Writers I could spend an endless night talking about over a glass or three of Rioja include Richard Siken, Anne Carson, T.S. Eliot, Ocean Vuong, Zbigniew Herbert, John Donne, Natalie Diaz, Marina Tsvetaeva, Louise Glück, Kaveh Akbar, John Keats, Danez Smith, Selina Tusitala Marsh, Anna Akhmatova, Kim Hyesoon, Ghassan Zaqtan, Sappho, Seamus Heaney and Jorie Graham.

Pronouns: She/They

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